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How to secure your child in the car?

« The safety of children travelling in vehicles is very important to Transport Canada. Child car seats (also called child restraints) make road travel safer for your child. They keep your child in place, so that in a sudden stop or crash, your child has increased protection. This will reduce the chances of serious injury or even death. » - To read more, click here.


How to dress baby in winter?

« If you are a new parent and this is your baby’s first winter, chances are you are not looking forward to what’s coming your way. » - To read more, click here


Baby is ready for winter!

« Here you go! The time has come to bravely face the cold and snow. You’re not the only one who has to go through the hassles of winter... your baby too! » - To read more, click here


Dont' let your baby too long in her car seat!

« Your baby’s car seat is wonderful to go from the car to the stroller and to ensure that he is safe while you shower and cook, but it is best not to leave your baby in it for hours. » - To read more, click here


Is your child safe? Sleep time

« It is not safe for babies to be in a seated or semi-reclined position, in products like strollers and car seats to sleep. When sleeping, a baby's head can fall forward because their muscles [...] » - To read more, click here.


Suggestions of activities to do with your baby!

« You have a toddler and looking for a way to stimulate, to have fun with it and support its development? So here are some interesting suggestions of a ton of activities to do with baby! » - To read more, click here.


Infos-Tips - Activities to do with kids!

« Getting out with kids may take some advance planning and strategizing, but it certainly can be done. Start small. Bring the right gear. Take lots of breaks. And if things are going well, consider heading home just a little early. Better to end on a positive note then push on in the face of waning enthusiasm. » - To read more, click here.


Child Safety

« Each year more than 20,000 children in Canada are hospitalized for serious accidental injuries.THE GOOD NEWS? Most of these accidents are preventable! » - To read more, click here.


Baby slings and carriers

« Many parents use baby slings and carriers to carry their babies. While having your child close to you may be practical, using these products incorrectly can lead to injury or suffocation. » - To read more, click here


10 myths about baby carriers

« Carrying babies or even toddlers has become an increasingly common practice. But there are still some remaining myths that may discourage some parents to try the experience! » - To read more, click here.