10 activités amusantes en famille!

10 fun family activities!

Looking for new things to do with your kids? Even with young children, there are endless possibilities for what to do with them. Here are a few:

  1. Cook with your family
    Although it can be messy, nothing is more fun than preparing a good snack together and then having the pleasure of enjoying it with your family. From an early age, children love to discover. Take the opportunity to include them in the preparation of a dish and see the joy in their eyes!
  2. "Photoshoot" for pleasure
    Dress up all chic or according to a theme, and then take a series of shots. Beautiful memories to keep for many years! We never take enough pictures so here is a great opportunity!
  3. Make a marathon!
    We are talking about a marathon of movies and television series. Everyone in pajamas and we take the opportunity to stick with family in these last days of cold weather. You are more active type in life? Create a marathon or obstacle course that you name in honor of your family and give yourself some challenges!
  4. Spring cleaning
    Whether cleaning wardrobes or storing kitchen cabinets, do it with family! Children love when we get them involved, adapt their task according to their age and sweep! Put some music, all without stress, and your spring cleaning will be done!
  5. Visit a museum
    In addition to getting you out of the house to get out of your winter, you will make your children discover full of beautiful works of all kinds!
  6. Crafting
    Did you go to the museum to discover works or did you see a great idea in a magazine? Why not give free rein to your imagination and that of your child by creating works of art yourself? Take out the glue, the paper, the scissors, the felts, the aprons and presto! We start DIY!
  7. Board Games
    Take out the board games and play with your family! The first game to play will be chosen by the youngest, and then by going in order of age. The game is not very well understood by the youngest? No worries, give him a simple thing to do (for example hold your cards or move the pawn on the table) and everyone will find his account!
  8. Walk
    Whether to go to the park or just a relaxing family walk, take the opportunity to go out walking together. Instead of going to the convenience store by car, why not all go on foot? A good reason to enjoy this family time!
  9. Ice-skate
    Do you like skating or would you have liked to go there? No problem, many indoor rinks offer free skating on an established schedule. At a lower cost, a great activity to go out and stretch!
  10. Restaurant
    Did you know? Many restaurants offer lower-cost meals or even free meals for young children. A nice family outing to make a change that gives parents a respite from the dishes and makes children happy!

Happy weekend everyone!

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