Activités de Pâques pour tous les âges!

Easter activities for all ages!

Easter is defined for several children with the following 3 words: eggs, rabbits, chocolate!

In addition to eating chocolate, it's a great opportunity to spend time with family and do activities with them to create memorable memories!

Here are some interesting activities for your children, classified according to their age:


For children from 0 to 12 months:

  • Stick colorful eggs around the changing table. Let baby watch them during diaper changes.
  • Offer pastel colored plastic Easter eggs. Let baby watch them and explore their shape and texture.
  • Paint with chocolate pudding. Use very large sheets to allow for greater experimentation.
  • Get plastic straw in various colors. Let baby explore it. For added safety, put the straw in a clear plastic bottle with the cap or in a Ziploc bag securely closed.
  • Get confetti with various shapes of Easter. Put the confetti in a Ziploc bag and add transparent hair gel. Seal the bag well and let the baby handle them and watch the magic bags.
  • From this age, read Easter stories to your child.


For children from 1 to 2 years old:

  • Get some plastic eggs that separate in half. Insert various objects and invite your child to discover them. They will never tire of opening and closing the eggs.
  • On Easter morning, prepare an Easter egg hunt. Put Easter eggs on the ground as a ride that will take them to their Easter surprise. The children pick up the eggs as they go.
  • Trace the child's hand on a yellow card. Cut out the hand, draw eyes on the child's thumb, and glue feathers all over the surface of the hand. You now have a chick made with your child's hand.
  • Fill a multi-colored straw bin. Hide various Easter-themed items (egg, rabbit, chicken, etc.) inside and invite the child to look for them. Hours of fun to hide objects and discover them!


For children from 2 to 3 years:

  • Work the colors with children under the theme of Easter. Cut out hens of different colors and eggs in the colors of each hen. Then invite the child to associate the hen with the eggs of the same color.
  • Find rabbit and chicken drawings. Stick cotton wool on the rabbit and feathers on the hen.
  • Make an Easter basket with the child. Use a cardboard box (eg clean milk carton, small shoe box, etc.). Glue or paint the pastel colored box and paste feathers and tissue paper. Then make a handle to your basket with a rope or chenille stems. Place decorated eggs, bunny or chick figurines inside.
  • Use plastic eggs that separate in half. Separate them all and mix them in a box. The child must assemble the identical parts.


For children from 3 to 4 years old:

  • Make a memory game with your child. Cut out Easter eggs in cardboard and invite the child to decorate them. They must decorate two identical eggs. Then turn the eggs to the ground and the child must find the ones that are identical.
  • Make a placemat with the children. Use large sheets (11" x 17") and let the kids stick different Easter designs (egg, chick, rabbit, flower, etc.). Then, put some color and laminate the placemats to preserve their solidity.
  • Cut out Easter shapes in cardboard. Make a hole with a punch and insert a rope into each shape to make a garland. This small activity works hand-eye coordination.


For children from 4 to 5 years:

  • Empty real eggs and invite the children to paint them.
  • Cook with the children. An interesting variety of recipes are available under the Easter theme.
  • Take the opportunity to visit the pet shops during this period. They often have small rabbits and chicks during the Easter period.


All these suggestions are just the beginning of an infinite variety of possibilities under the theme of Easter. Visit the dollar stores, their shelves are full of material that touches this beautiful holiday. Note that the material listed above is all in these store types. The key to a successful activity is pleasure!


With that, the Sherpa Canada team wishes you a very Happy Easter!




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