Aider bébé à apprécier la neige!

Help baby to like the snow!

At all age, summer and winter outdoor activities have a positive impact on health and emotional management. That's why it's not impossible to find activities adapted to the youngest to make them enjoy the joys of winter!

From the first outing, baby does not seem to like the cold and the snow? Do not worry, it's a taste that develops and they are factors that tame one out at a time, provided you have a little imagination, to adopt a good attitude and have the right clothes.

For the youngest (age 2 and under), it can be difficult to find age-appropriate activities. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of it:

1- Do as at the beach!
From the age of 6 months, you can sit baby in the snow, as in a sandbox. With buckets and shovels, show him filling the containers with snow and emptying them. In addition to becoming familiar with the snow, he will learn new concepts: empty versus full, heavy versus light. A good activity to develop his reasoning.

2- Make winter angels!
From about 12 months, kids love to roll in the snow and make angels. Without knowing it, they exert their coordination and learn to find their bearings in space. So many good reasons to encourage them to do so and why not accompany them in their game!

3- Work fine motor skills
When the density of the snow allows it, make snowballs and let the child stack them on top of each other. In order to build a beautiful fort, a snowman or simply for fun, these activities allow the young to exercise their fine motor skills.

4- On the menu, snow soup
Take out pots, spoons and measuring cups and let the magic work. Without even having to explain anything, toddlers will start cooking all kinds of soups and snow cakes just for you. A simple way to enjoy the snow, the fresh air and develop their imagination.

5- The soap bubbles ...
You probably have a bottle of bubble soap that has been stored since the beginning of the cold season. Well, get it out! The rather cold temperatures do not have only disadvantages. Blow some bubbles everywhere, you will see the magic operate! Splendid frozen soap bubbles will appear and create a Disney-like setting.

6- The good mood is contagious!
Winter offers us a wonderful playground, but to appreciate it, it is still necessary to approach it in a positive way. You do not like the cold season and you constantly complain about falling mercury, road conditions or snowstorms? Do not be surprised to see your child react the same way when you propose to go outside to play. Try to adopt a positive attitude and choose your words. Pleasure and good humor are contagious, you will see.

7- Well dressed from head to toe, this is the key!
After a few minutes outside, if the child gets cold or his clothes are wet, it is possible that he does not want to stay outside anymore and that he does not keep good memories of it. For his comfort and health, it is important that he be properly dressed according to the temperature. Ideally, favor the multilayer system.
Check out our article on how to dress baby well to go out to see our tips and tricks. Also make sure your child's feet stay warm and dry.

Playing outside is good for health, mood and family cohesion. Learning to love and enjoy winter is certainly one of the greatest gifts a family can afford.

** Please note: If the wind chill factor lowers the temperature to -28oC or lower, the Canadian Pediatric Society recommends that you do not send children to play outdoors.




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