Aider bébé à dormir pendant la canicule

Help baby to sleep during the heat wave

We are very concerned about the quantity and quality of our little ones’ sleep. Necessary to replenish energy, it also influences their growth. Here are tips to ensure good nights, even in the heat.

First, be aware that the ideal temperature of the baby room should be about 19 degrees. However, as indicated by Health Canada, a room where we are comfortable will be just as much for the little ones. From this perspective, mercury can be a little higher than the recommended standard.


Keep the heat at distance
At first, try to keep the heat outside the house. To do this, we keep the curtains closed, even in daytime. This small effort helps maintain a reasonable room temperature by preventing the sun from sinking into the rooms and warming them up.


Humidity and fresh air
To breathe well, babies need a high level of humidity. However, air conditioners dry up the air and can also be the source of respiratory problems. For these reasons, we avoid putting it in the child's room. To cool and humidify a room, we recommend instead to hang some wet clothes, something ecological and safe for health.

You can also use a fan to try to drop the mercury. However, it must be kept in mind that it promotes air currents that can be the source of certain types of ear infections. It is therefore best to operate during the day, to allow air to circulate well, and to turn off when the child goes to bed. Of course, we never direct the air directly on the child.


Keep the body cool
Once all the measures have been taken to maintain an adequate temperature in the child's room, the only thing we have to do to ensure better comfort for the baby is to lower his body temperature.

The bath is definitely the most effective way to refresh baby. On hot nights, you can bathe baby just before going to sleep. He will fall asleep more easily.

When putting baby to bed, we resist the temptation to leave him in diaper only. So little dressed, it may catch cold if the mercury drops. So we opt for a little cotton one-layer or pajamas without feet.


Moisturize baby
To prevent dehydration, it is advisable to make baby drink more (breastfeeding or bottle) and it can also make him drink a little water a few times during the night, if you get up, since you’re already awake.

Heat waves are usually short-lived. During the day, take the opportunity to play in water as much as possible, drink plenty of water and have fun. In the evening, we put into practice the tips mentioned above and we remain on the lookout for signs of discomfort that baby sends us.


Have a good summer and have a good rest!





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