Attention aux engelures

Beware of frostbite!

Your child caught cold and got frostbite? Did you know that you must not rub, nor put in the snow, cold or hot water? If you notice an area of whitish skin, a little rough to the touch, it is probably frostbite.

Here are some ways to thaw frostbite:

1- You can wrap the frozen area in a blanket and wait for it to thaw, but the most effective thing to relieve frostbite is still skin-to-skin contact

2- Remove clothing covering the frozen area.

3- Place the frozen area directly on someone else's skin. Often, it is the feet or hands that catch cold, if this is the case, the best way is to place your child's frozen hands or feet directly under your armpits. Oh sure it will be a shock to you, but it will certainly help warm your child.

4 - Otherwise, surround the frozen part of a warm moist towel, then a dry towel until completely heated.

Note: If frostbite has caused a wound, apply petroleum jelly or other oily cream to protect the wound. Very important!! If whiteness or loss of sensation persists beyond 30 minutes after warming up, it is recommended to consult a doctor.



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