Bébé bien attaché cet hiver!

Baby well attached this winter!

Too often, children are attached improperly in their car seat. What makes it so that during an accident, it can be deadly for your child to be badly attached. Here are some precautions to take, especially with the approaching winter:

1- Harness straps must not be twisted or bent

2- The chest clip of the harness should be at the level of the armpits of the child

3- In winter, when the child is wearing a coat, compress the coat as much as possible by tightening the harness straps. To find out if everything is tight enough, you must be able to hardly pass a finger between the child's chest and the tether straps.

Take care to also check that the coat does isn’t folded under the straps, nor in the back of the child. *** If the coat is not properly compressed and the safety harness is not tight enough, your child could be seriously injured or ejected from his seat if an accident occurs.


Transport Canada has issued a Notice to Consumers to inform the public of the potential risks of third-party accessories used with a car seat. Some of these accessories made it possible to deflect the safety harness, give it slack and thus increase the risk of serious injury to the child in an accident.

In order to avoid the potential risks associated with padded car seat envelopes in general, Sherpa Canada has developed its own unique envelopes. Indeed, Sherpa Canada car seat covers are open at the rear to allow the perfect adjustment of the harness position and its tension. The back of the child is then directly on the car seat and the safety straps are perfectly adjusted in the child.


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