Bébé d’automne: faits intéressants

Autumn baby: interesting facts

Have you or your baby been born in autumn? Did you know? According to research, September would be the month with the most births! Here are some fun facts about babies born in autumn (obviously, there are some to take and leave it!):

  • Fall babies would live longer
    According to German research, on 1 million dead, those born between October and December live about 0.6 years more than people born between April and June. Why? According to the researchers, this is due to the fact that pregnant women consume more fruits and vegetables in summer and autumn, so their babies would be healthier.
  • They would be good at sports
    According to an Australian study, the greatest athletes would have been born in autumn. Dr. Barnett, from the University of Queensland, analyzed the football championship and discovered that the month in which one is born can have a great influence on our career for the future. Why? Because it seems that these babies have a physical construction different from their mates. Fall babies are also often the tallest in the class.
  • They would be more likely to suffer from asthma
    Even though they would be good at sports, a study from Vanderbilt University in the United States, shows that babies born in autumn are 30% more likely to suffer from asthma. Why? According to this study, this would be due to the fact that they were born before the winter, during the season of colds and viral infections. The baby should learn to bond with his own immune system instead of his mother's.
  • They would have more food allergies
    According to a Finnish study, babies born in October and November are more likely to develop food allergies, especially milk and eggs. Why? According to this research, this is due to the fact that the density of pollen is high during the spring, the period during which babies born in autumn develop their antibodies.
  • They would be excellent at school!
    If you or your baby were born after September 1st, you could be the first in class! Why? According to a British study, of more than 48 thousand children, those born in September are 20% more likely to study in big colleges than children born in August, who would unfortunately be the last in class.

Obviously, these are facts that must be taken with a grain of salt, but all in all, very interesting to read. Do you recognize yourself in there, or your child? Let us know!


Source: https://mamans.femmesdaujourdhui.be/bebe/ce-qui-est-typique-chez-un-bebe-dautomne/


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