Bébé dans la voiture... pendant qu'on déneige...

Baby in the car... while we are taking the snow off...

Have you ever placed your baby or child in the car seat and warmed it in the car while you are taking off the snow or ice from the car?

Precautions should be taken if this is the case.

Check that the exhaust pipe of your car is clear if the car is running.

Check if the pipe is clogged by snow after a storm; in this case, there is a high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. It is a toxic gas that is not visible and does not smell. It does not irritate the eyes or the respiratory system. Every year, carbon monoxide is responsible for several poisonings in Quebec.

A good reflex would be to open the window slightly to let fresh air ventilate the car to prevent the increase of gas in the car.

It is better to be aware of small things to do to avoid any incident.



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