Bien choisir les chaussures pour bébé

Choosing the right shoes for your baby

There are many types of shoes and booties that are available for children. How to navigate and make an informed choice? Here are some guide lines to help you find the right match for your kid!

  1. For a baby who is not yet walking:
    • keep in mind that a child who is not yet walking does not need to wear shoes. In fact, putting shoes on them is more useful to protect his little feet from the cold or the sun.
    • when possible, it is best to leave the baby barefoot
    • making a baby wear soft shoes or slippers gently accustoms him to having something on his feet
    • when it comes time to put on shoes, opt for a shoe that is very flexible and does not prevent the feet from moving. For example, our Dakota and Moki-Ankle boots, our Chic-Chocs winter boots, and our Jasper indoor slippers
  2. For a baby who is starting to walk:
    • again here, when possible, it is advisable to let baby walk and discover barefoot
    • in case the child needs to wear shoes to protect his feet, it is recommended that they be lightweight, flexible and have a cushioned sole
    • It is also recommended that the shoes have a non-slip sole, in order to prevent baby from slipping and getting hurt
    • here too, the Sherpa shoes and booties meet all the recommendations!
  3. Choose from the Sherpa boots:
    • Rely on the seasons and the temperature first. Since the shoes you buy for your child are there to protect their feet, the best bet is to choose what you plan to use them for.
      • Consult our catalog page to have a good comparison between our shoes and booties, to help you make the best choice for your child!




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