Bien habiller bébé pour sortir

Well dressing baby to go out

Do you plan to go outside with your toddler, but the weather these days is complicated?

Here are our tips so that baby don't get cold, but also that don't get too hot!

1- Dress baby like you and add an extra layer, with performance and quality clothes, since baby will remain motionless in the stroller.

2- Avoid the traditional sweater and cotton socks that keep moisture and quickly become uncomfortable when we were too hot. Choose fleece and synthetic fibers such as polyester, which will be much warmer, comfortable and breathable.

3- Dress the child with the multilayer system (in onion peel, as we often say!) By superimposing clothes that you can remove or add as needed.

4- Finally, the child should feel above all comfortable in his clothes, it should not be too tight because the air flowing through the layers of his clothing is useful to keep the body temperature .

With these tips, you are equipped to get some fresh air in peace, but stay still vigilant: your child may be more sensitive to cold than you; so you have to be on the lookout for signs that indicate that baby should go back inside and get warm.

Have a good time outside!

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