Démêlons les crèmes solaires!

Let's unravel the sunscreens!

Have you ever happened to be in front of the sunscreen display and do not know which one to choose for your little one? With a lot of brands and power of protection ... Not always easy to make the best choice! Here are some guidelines to help you in your decision to enjoy the summer peace of mind!

Which FPS to choose?
First of all, what does FPS mean? Sun protection factor. The SPF 30 is the ideal factor for children (and adults) because it offers a longer period of protection. Perfect for children who play outdoors for a long time in the sun. If your child is more sensitive (has skin, hair and pale eyes), do not hesitate to choose a sunscreen a factor of 50.

How often do you apply?
To start, it should be applied generously from 15 to 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Then reapply every 2 hours to maintain efficiency. If your child has bathed, it is reapplied at the exit of the water even if it is not 2 hours. Know that even if it's written '' water resistant '', there is still less cream at the exit of the water so do not hesitate to reapply.

The famous ingredients!
Often, as soon as you start reading the list of ingredients, it's not too long before you get lost. But it would be worth doing the exercise anyway since there are some ingredients not recommended. Let's first talk about ingredients to avoid: oxybenzone. It is found in many sunscreens, especially chemicals. Ideally, choose a mineral sunscreen, which is a better choice for babies over 6 months (no sunscreen before this age) and for children. Also avoid: retinyl palmitate, benzophenones, scented products and aerosols (due to possible inhalation).

To preferred:
Zinc oxide (it is the most effective and safest physical filter), mexoryl, tinosorb, titanium dioxide.

Since the SPF only shows the sun protection factor for UVB, look for the new Health Canada logo indicating that the sunscreen provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Broad spectrum also indicates that sunscreen protects from both types of rays.

Enjoy your summer!


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