En sécurité à la plage ou à la piscine

Safe at the beach or at the pool

Who says summer, also says heat, so bathing and refreshment. How to ensure the safety of our child when it comes to aquatic activities? Here are some tips to help you enjoy it this summer!

  1. Never leave your child alone while in the water.
    Always make sure that an adult is watching the child while playing in the water. Also make sure the youngest are always within arm's reach of an adult.
  2. Have a flotation jacket worn by all children under 3 and those who can not swim.
    If your baby is not yet able to sit without support or is too young to wear a PFD, keep it at all times while bathing.
    ** Note that floats, swimsuits with flotation devices, inflatable floats and other water toys ARE NOT safety devices.
  3. Set clear rules to prevent drowning or injury.
    Example: defense of bathing without the presence of an adult, running or pushing near the pool. Do not drink or eat in the water. This will allow your child to be aware of the danger and make sure he understands the instructions.
  4. Demand the same safety rules with temporary pools.
    Whether it's an above-ground, in-ground, inflatable or wading pool, none is safer than another. Ask the children to follow the same rules for all types of pools.
  5. Install a closed fence around the pool.
    At a height of 4 feet minimum, and all around the pool, the fence must be equipped with a closing door and automatic locking. Ideally, the pool should not be accessible from the house or patio.
  6. Do not put anything near the fence of the pool.
    To avoid temptation outside swimming hours, do not place toys, furniture or tools near the fence, as children could climb on these objects and end up in the pool.

Have a good swim and have a good summer!


Source:  https://naitreetgrandir.com/fr/mauxenfants/securite/fiche.aspx?doc=naitre-grandir-bebe-securite-exterieur#_Toc494197262


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