Habiller son enfant au printemps

Dress your child for Spring

Till April's dead, change not a thread! The weather is unstable and the spring is just coming out. Although it may be tempting to put on lighter clothes, we do not take cold and taking the risk of getting the flu into the house!

In addition, because children have greater difficulty in regulating their body temperature and judging reasonable clothes to wear during the spring, it is essential to guide them to dress appropriately.

  1. The famous onion!
    Since it is difficult to predict the temperature, the layers of clothing should ideally be superimposed to overcome this problem. For example, choose to dress your child with a T-shirt under a warm sweater and a raincoat for the outdoors.
  2. Protect the ends
    Make sure your child has gloves and a tuque so that his extremities stay warm because they are the ones who are the most sensitive to the change of temperature and the cold. Do not forget the rain boots that will allow your little ones to walk outside without worrying about having wet feet.
  3. To have fun, they get dirty!
    Choose clothes that you can easily wash because you will probably need to wash them regularly. Children like to play outside and it goes without saying that clothes will become dirty soon. It would be sad to take away that pleasure.


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Source: https://www.campdejour.net/blogue/how-to-cloth-the-child-in-the-spring-1712


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