Idées comiques pour le Poisson d'Avril!

Funny ideas for April Fool's Day!

Running out of ideas to surprise your kids for April Fool's Day? Without wanting to be too cruel, without it being too long to prepare and that it remains at a decent level, consult this short list to give you some ideas.


  1. The bag of chips
    Take a bag of chips, gently open it at the bottom, empty it and replace the chips with something else (popcorn, cheese, fruits, vegetables), then close with double-sided tape.
  2. The healthy lollipop
    Take a lollipop stick and plant it in a broccoli, radish, grape ... and wrap everything in colorful tissue paper and wait for the reaction! You can also take small Easter chocolates eggs coated with glossy paper and replace the chocolate with grapes.
  3. The fridge that observes
    Stick eyes that move on everything in the fridge, a funny surprise for the little ones!
  4. Colorful water
    Take a cotton ball and soak with food coloring to rub the inside of the faucet, to create a surprise when someone will run the water from the bath!
  5. A capricious remote control
    Put some transparent tape on the "magic eye" of the remote control. Or, remove the batteries from the remote control and replace them with paper fish.
  6. A small time change
    Turn back the clock on all the dials in the house and enjoy a morning with your family!
  7. Special Wallpapers
    Change wallpapers of electronic devices from the whole family (computers and phones or tablets) with embarrassing photos (baby naked in the bath, mom and dad doing crazy faces, etc.)
  8. Shoes that do not fit anymore!
    Fill all the shoe tip of the members of the house with newspaper.
  9. The sticky trap
    While someone is at the toilet, put a sticky tape across the edge of the door, the sticky side toward the door. When the person comes out, she will stick her forehead on it.


Feel free to suggest other tours so that we can expand our list of ideas!




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