La sécurité à vélo

Bike Safety

Do you like cycling? You would like your toddler to ride a bike with you? Here are some guidelines to help you get the most out of this activity!

Know first that from 1 year, your child can ride a bike with you.

  1. Choose your seat:
    Indeed, the seat you choose must have a belt, a headrest and adjustable footrest with a system of fasteners. You should know that not all seats work on all bikes. Inquiring with a seller in a bike shop is recommended before buying a seat.
  2. Is the seat properly installed?
    Make sure with a professional that the seat is properly installed and attached to your bike. Also check that the fastening systems are properly adjusted. Be aware that there is a maximum recommended weight depending on the seat you have chosen.
  3. Choose a bike helmet
    It is very important to choose the bike helmet to fit your child's head. Ask the seller for advice to make an informed choice. If you have purchased a second hand or you have been given, check with a seller that it is still in good condition. Important: The ASTM, CPSC or the Snell Foundation standards must be visible on it.
  4. Check your child's clothes
    Why? For the simple reason that if your child is wearing pants that are too loose, too long, or a piece of clothing with cords, your child's clothes may get stuck in the back wheel of your bike.
  5. Is this your first time?
    If this is your first time, since riding with a child behind requires some experience, we suggest you practice on a quiet and peaceful street before leaving for a longer ride.

Of course, never leave your child alone on the bike as it could easily tip over if you do not hold it.

Enjoy your ride and have fun!





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