La sécurité des portes-bébés

Baby Carriers Safety

To ensure the safety of your baby, it is important to learn how to use baby carriers. Here are some tips to take full advantage of this great activity:

  1. Make sure to see baby's face at all times.
  2. Hold the baby upright.
  3. Make sure that the baby's face does not rest on the fabric of the baby carrier, on your body or on your clothes. This is to avoid any risk of suffocation.
  4. Make sure the baby's chin does not rest on his chest.
  5. Make sure that the baby's legs are not bent against his stomach, as this too could interfere with his breathing.
  6. Adjust the baby carrier to support the baby's back and hold the baby when you bend so that it does not fall from the baby carrier
  7. Be very careful when putting or removing a baby from the baby carrier. Get help as needed.
  8. When carrying a baby, do not zip up your coat around it, as this increases the risk of it overheating or suffocating.
  9. Take precautions, especially when using a baby carrier with babies under four months of age, because their airways are still under development. Just redouble your vigilance.
  10. Do not use a baby carrier during an activity that could lead to an injury. For example cooking, running, cycling, drinking hot drinks, etc.

Of course, constantly check if the baby is fine and NEVER leave him unattended in a baby carrier.

Enjoy your babywearing!




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