Les allergies chez les enfants

Children's allergies

Who says spring, says back buds, leaves and flowers! Nothing is better than seeing nature reborn after a long winter. On the other hand, the return of buds and flowers also means the season of allergies, whether for you dear parents or for your little one. Here are some guidelines to see if your child suffers from allergies.

  1. Symptoms:
    • nose that stings and runs (very liquid secretions or congested, without fever)
    • itching, redness in the eyes and watery eyes
    • frequent sneezing and possibly coughing
    • may have asthma symptoms
      • If you think your child has seasonal allergies, see a doctor. Early diagnosis and treatment may prevent complications.
  2. The main allergens are:
    • pollen in trees, grasses and ragweed
    • the molds
    • animal dandruff (cat, dog, etc.)
    • dust mites
  3. The symptoms always occur at the same time?
    • This is known as seasonal rhinitis, commonly known as hay fever. You may be allergic to pollen from one or more plants. The symptoms then occur systematically during the season when the plant or plants in question are in bloom and disperse their pollen in the air. Depending on the plant, this can occur in spring (tree pollen), in summer (grass pollen) or in autumn (ragweed pollen)
      • Although in general seasonal allergies are relatively safe, it is still advisable to see a doctor if you believe that your child is suffering in order to relieve symptoms and prevent complications (otitis, sinusitis, etc.)


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Source: https://naitreetgrandir.com/fr/mauxenfants/indexmaladiesa_z/fiche.aspx?doc=naitre-grandir-sante-enfant-allergie-rhume-foins


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