Ne jamais laisser un enfant seul dans une voiture

Never leave a child alone in a car

Have you ever left your child alone in the car for a few minutes to do a quick race? Do you know what the law says about it?

According to section 380 of the Quebec Highway Safety Code, no person may leave unattended a child under 7 years of age in a road vehicle under his care. If you do, you are liable to a minimum of $ 95.

At the service station
Even if it is only to pay for gas, it is always advisable to bring the child with you. From the age of 3, the little ones manage to come off and get off their seat without the help of an adult. They could take the opportunity to play with the controls of the car, or go out to join you. Not to mention of course the risks that a stranger benefits from your absence to leave with your car and your child.

Oops I forgot ... it's so quickly arrived
Even if we often hear about it in the media, it is far too often that children are left behind or forgotten in the car during a heat wave or intense cold. We all know this can be deadly for the child.
In summer, the temperature inside a car can easily climb to 50 °C, and even if the outside temperature is comfortable, leaving the windows a little open is not enough to reduce the temperature in the car.
Indeed, when it is 26 °C, the temperature in a car reaches 50 °C in one hour; this temperature is reached in just 20 minutes when the mercury climbs to 35 °C.
That's why you should never leave your child alone in the car. A race that would only take a few minutes, can take a lot more for different reasons.

Do not take chances. It happens much more often than one can imagine. Take the child out of the car with you to do your errands. It's safer!




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