Ne pas couvrir la poussette de bébé!

Don't cover baby's stroller!

Did you know that it has been proven that putting a baby blanket on the stroller or baby's shell to protect it from the sun is a real risk?

During a walk under the sun with baby, some parents think they must absolutely cover the baby stroller with a blanket to protect it from the sun's rays and heat. Although this gesture is a good intention, it can be particularly dangerous for babies, as pediatrician Svante Norgren of Svenska Dagbladet explains.

Indeed, instead of lowering the temperature inside the stroller, the installation of this fabric is the opposite: the closed space becomes a real "furnace", exactly as when a baby is left in a vehicle in full sun. In addition, "the air does not circulate properly and parents can not see their baby under the blanket", which can prevent them from acting quickly in case of problems. Especially that unlike children and adults, babies can not yet regulate their body temperature naturally. There is therefore a risk of suffocation for the baby.

To confirm what the pediatrician said, some journalists wanted to try the experiment themselves. So they installed a stroller in the sun between 11:30 and noon.
When the stroller was not covered, the temperature inside it was 22 degrees after 30 minutes.
And after placing a blanket on the stroller, they found that in 30 minutes, the temperature had reached 34 degrees!

It must, of course, be kept in mind that these results vary according to the outside temperature but also the thickness and opacity of the fabric used.

In the end, the best way to protect baby from the sun is undoubtedly to favor the corners in the shade or to avoid going out at the hottest hours with a baby. Parents should also be sure to hydrate their child regularly.




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