Premier hiver de bébé!

Baby's first winter!

You are newly parents and you are afraid to go outside with your new baby? Do not avoid going outside, it's so good for you and the baby too.

It is necessary to think to dress well baby so that it doesn't get cold. It's sure that the first winter of a baby, he will not spend his time outside playing in the snow, build a cave or make a snowman. These beautiful activities will probably be more to his 2nd or 3rd winter. But how to enjoy it anyway?

Here are some tips to make it a success!

1- The first outing outside should be short (about 15 minutes), make sure that the temperature is not too cold for this first ride.

2- What is recommended for baby to be warm is to put several layers of clothing (the famous onion!). The air between the different layers of fabric is what will act as insulation to keep it warm. Put him one more layer than you.

3- Of course, always put on hats, mittens and boots: it is important to protect the ends because they are more sensitive places, so that frostbite first.

4- For a baby, it is best not to go out if the temperature drops below -15 ° C.

5- Whether it is in a stroller, a sled or in a baby carrier, the important thing is that the baby is warm, comfortable and safe. We recommend the baby carrier for the simple reason that baby will benefit from your warmth. Although, for an outing in baby carrier, our 1, 2, 3 Go! Carrier is perfect for protecting baby from wind and weather. You can even use it for the car, the stroller or the shell, a multifunctional and essential product!

Happy outing!



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