Protéger bébé du soleil

Protect baby from the sun

The sun is good for all of us! Even for baby. But let's say it, it must be in very small quantities. We talk less than 5 minutes a day, because the baby's skin is fragile.

Exposing the hands, feet and face for 5 minutes each day is enough to store the vitamin D needed for healthy bones and teeth. Obviously, apply sunscreen before exposing it to the sun, even if it's only two minutes!

A baby under one year of age should not be exposed to direct sunlight because its skin is very thin and therefore very sensitive. We must opt for a shady place, otherwise use an umbrella to make shade.If you do not have the choice to expose it to the sun, never do it between 11:00AM and 4:00PM, the sun's rays are too strong. Avoid especially the noon hour while the sun is at the zenith.

** Did you know that even if it is cloudy, it is necessary to apply sunscreen to the baby anyway since the clouds let pass the harmful rays of the sun, which could be damaging for the skin. **

Obviously, choose places in the shade, the clothes which cover the skin, the hats, the sunshades, the parasols, etc.Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and protects against UVA and UVB rays. Apply the cream at least 30 minutes before leaving the child in the sun to allow time to penetrate well and protect the skin.Apply sunscreen after bathing and at least every 2 hours to keep optimal protection.

It may be tempting to buy $ 1 sunglasses, but for that, you need to pay a bit more for real protection for your child's eyes. A pair of good quality sunglasses should be around $ 10 to $ 20 to ensure its effectiveness.

Offer regularly water to baby to keep him well hydrated. A baby is dehydrated very quickly. If you are breastfeeding, offer breast milk more often in hot weather. If he drinks bottles of formula milk, from the age of 4 months you can begin to offer water.

Do not forget that the sun hits even harder near the water and on concrete surfaces! This must be taken into consideration in the duration of exposure and in the application of sunscreen. Always say, it is better to put too much than enough! On that, have a good summer!




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