Prudence à l'Halloween

Caution at Halloween

On this wonderful day of terror, we would like to remind you of some safety tips for this evening to happen without surprises!

Better always be visible, either by choosing a suit with light colors or by having reflective strips. You can also use glowsticks to make your children visible. The flashlight is never too much.

Children should always:

1- Determine a journey and an hour of return with their parents

2- Stay in a group or with the accompanying adult

3- Never enter the house or car of a stranger

4- Never follow a stranger, whether by car or on foot

5- Cross streets at intersections

6- Walk at houses on one side of the street at a time

7- Have the candies inspected by their parents before consuming them


If you have to drive, be careful and drive at low speed in residential areas. Your priority should always be the children who roam the streets!

Happy Halloween!




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