Sortir en hiver avec bébé

Going out in winter with baby

Even with a little baby, you can not spend the whole winter indoors, that's obvious. Here are some tips to enjoy the winter, even with a newborn.


How do you know if it's too cold?
First of all, check if it's too cold. For a newborn, a temperature of -12°C and below is too cold. These days, it's better not to go out for a walk. When the temperature drops drastically below -25°C, it is better not to go out with a baby at all, even to go to the store. If possible, plan your grocery store or ask for help during the big cold waves.

If it's not too cold, but the gusts of wind change the temperature a lot, you can wear your baby while protecting it from the wind or get a warm cover (see our winter cover Wigwam) and a windbreaker for the stroller (see our products from the 1, 2, 3 Go collection!). Several models are available and you will protect the stroller so that the cold does not freeze his face or the wind does not take his breath away. Be careful, if your child's skin whitens, it is freezing and you have to go back immediately to warm it up (see our article on frostbite).


Is it a good time?
Before going out, think about watching your baby's mood. If he is grumpy and seems to have a stomachache, gum pain or seems to have discomfort elsewhere, it is better to refrain from imposing a temperature change too intense. You would only make his mood worse by making him feel more uncomfortable.

If on the other hand, the day is mild, the exit with your newborn will do him the greatest good. With windows that stay closed during the winter and lack of light, it's great for your baby to get some fresh air. In addition, with a little luck, he may be able to see his first snowflakes, although he will not seem to pay much attention to them.


Dress and hydrate baby
It seems obvious, but for your baby to be safe without being uncomfortable, it must be dressed. Do it so that you can remove layers quickly when you take breaks indoors. If you are thinking of going to the grocery store, for example, your baby will be still on the road and will need to be well covered to avoid getting cold. However, when you arrive at the grocery store, you will need to be able to remove a layer or two quickly so that it is not too hot inside and then cold on your way home. The Sherpa Wigwam cover is a very practical tool for the winter season: easy to open without having to remove everything during these stopovers and protect your child's skin.

Also remember to moisturize your baby's skin with a fairly oily cream. The cold dehydrates the skin and dry skin will be more sensitive. Also remember to give your newborn a regular drink, as you would in very hot weather.


Do not stretch the exit too much
Even if you're ready and it's a good day, do not stay outside for a long time with a newborn baby. At first, small walks of about twenty minutes are enough. Your newborn baby has a lot of needs and a temperature control system that does not work very well yet, so it is better to introduce him to the winter gradually.

From one time to another, you can extend the outings and go a little further each time.

Enjoy your winter!




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