Trucs pour rester bien au chaud!

Tips to stay warm!

Since the cold is coming, here are some tips to stay warm and enjoy your autumn and winter outings:

1- Stay dry. Water is a better thermal conductor than air. The more wet your clothes are (rain, snow, perspiration), the faster the conductive heat loss will be.

2- Protect yourself from the wind. The drafts take away the heat. The best way to protect yourself against the wind is to wear a breathable and fitted shell (3rd layer).

3- Use the multilayer system. The amount of air trapped between your clothes depends on the number of layers of clothing worn and their thickness. The advantage of the multilayer system is that it can more easily regulate body heat and moisture levels in clothing by removing or adding thicknesses as needed.

4- Do not wait to sweat. As soon as you are warm, remove clothing to avoid soaking in sweat and, as soon as you stop, put on warm clothing before getting cold to avoid losing a lot of body heat.

5- If you have cold hands. Make large, fast circular motions with your arms to circulate the blood to your fingers.

Have a good month of November!

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