Vacances dans le Sud!

Holidays in the South!

In this chilly winter, you probably had the idea to go for a trip in the South to warm up and take a break from the snow! We thought of you. Here are some tips and products to go take a sunbath!

Without forgetting sunscreen, your belongings and your clothes, you will certainly need a good hat for your child's head. Especially on the seaside, a hat that goes to the wind is something that happens often. Here are some of our models that could be very useful, depending on the activity you plan to do.

Nylon Sport Hat: A must for your activities at the beach, since this fabric dries very quickly! This model is designed longer at the back to further protect the child's neck.

Bucket Hat or Reversible: Whether our reversible model, giving you the opportunity to put it on the plain side or patterned side, or whether our model Bucket, your child can enjoy the sun with his hat Sherpa, offered in a wide range of colors and patterns. In addition, our Bucket hats have an adjustable elastic (from size 12-24 months), which allows it to fit snugly to your child's head.

Brim Hat - St-Tropez: Your little princess likes to put on dresses and dress up stylish for a chic dinner at the restaurant or a special event? She will love the St-Tropez style hat with its wide brim and super comfort. This hat also has an adjustment cord (in all sizes) to keep it in place on your child's head.


* All our hat models are fully lined to provide an extra barrier to UV rays.

** All of our hat models have a chin-adjustable drawcord and a safety breakaway clip.


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