Vivement la semaine de relâche

Enjoy the Spring Break!

Have a good Sunday everyone! Do you need some inspiration to keep your kids busy this week? Here is a small list that could give you ideas!

1- Make a day in reverse!
Dress up inside out! Start with the dessert instead of the meal! Do everything you normally do, but reversed! Guaranteed fun!

2- Put aside the routine!
Enjoy every moment with your little ones. Take a family walk in the evening just before bedtime! Oh yes! Why not? Do things that are difficult to do in daily routine!

3- A pajama day!
You went out to play with the children one day, the next day, why not take the opportunity to make a day pajamas and slippers, and relax! Put on a movie, with a good popcorn and stick to each other, all together.

4- A day of couples!
You certainly have those family members around you who would like to enjoy a day with your little ones. Do not hesitate to call on members close to you for a couple reunion. Yes you are parents but before all this you were a couple, needless to remember that this link is just as important! So let grandma cook with your little ones, or let the aunt go for a walk with your children, take time for yourself: why not!

5- Go for a ride in a nature park with snowshoes or cross-country skis. Your child is too small to follow? No problem! Install it comfortably in a sleigh and enjoy the fresh air!

6- Organize a picnic!
It's not normally in summer that you have a picnic? Why not make one in winter, right in the middle of the living room. Invite your children's friends and do things differently! It feels so good to do otherwise!

7- Do you just want to relax?
Why not just take one day at a time, without worrying about the rest, and do what's right now? We all know that children have fun with everything and nothing. Invent a completely crazy idea and run it! Your children will be just happy!

8- Would you like to enjoy this end of winter outside?
Make an igloo, a snowman, go slide with family, make a snowball battle! Dare!

9- Stay inside?
Are you more of the type who wants to enjoy your living room? Make a cushioned hut with blankets, and when you're done, sit in it and read a taly in family, or tell stories.

10- A family concert!
Create musical instruments from your recycling bin and cabinet bottoms. Some rice in a plastic bottle and here is a maracas! Plastic plates with spoons and here is a cheap drum! Have fun creating with your kids, simply!

Sherpa Canada wishes you a wonderful Spring Break and lots of family love!

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