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Bug Cover Deluxe Truck

Bug Cover Deluxe Truck

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- 3 seasons use

Bug Cover for baby car seat. Great product for walks to the park, camping or in the woods, it offers a very good baby protection against insects. The front part is made of ventilated and stretch mesh to ensure good ventilation. With its support arch, it forms a protective dome.

Proudly made in Quebec / Canada


Spring – Summer - Autumn.

Bug Cover for baby car seat. It fits on most baby car seats (shell type) up to 35lbs (16kg). Simple to use, it is installed on the top of the seat to form, due to its arch support, a protective dome. In addition, an elastic band ensures a better fit at the perimeter of the seat.

The SPORT models (plain colors) are made of polyester knit.

The DELUXE models (printed patterns) are made of cotton knit and come in combo with a matching blanket of 75cm x 90cm (29.5in x 35.4in).

On both models, the front part is made of breathable mesh to ensure good ventilation.

The Bug Cover has been designed for baby shell car seats. At the park, camping or in the forest, the mosquito cover is ideal for a nice walk safely!

You can use the Bug Cover in the spring, summer and autumn. However, we suggest you to adapt baby’s clothing according to your activities and the weather conditions. It may be necessary to use a safe mosquito repellent adapted to the baby for added protection. Adapt your Sherpa product to the activity you plan to do.

One size


MODEL Colorful part Extensible black part in mesh
SPORT 100% polyester 100% nylon
DELUXE 95% cotton & 5% spandex 100% nylon


Sherpa offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products. This warranty covers only manufacturing defects. The manufacturer is the one to decide if the damage is a manufacturing defect or wear and tear.

The Bug Cover is hand washable in cold water. It is preferable to dry in the open air. Do not dry clean.

Your child should never be left alone without supervision.
Always use the safety harness straps when the child is in the car seat or the stroller.
Do not use the blanket to cover completely the baby’s bucket seat as it represents high risks of heat stroke and suffocation. 

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