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Moki-Bootie Fuchsia 0-6 months

Moki-Bootie Fuchsia 0-6 months

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- Rated to -5 °C

Warm, light and waterproof slippers for babies. Perfect for little chilly feet. Easy to put on by the large velcro opening, they will stay in place thanks to the elastic band at the ankle.
Made from fleece and a soft non-slip sole, your little one's feet will stay warm.

Proudly made in Quebec / Canada

Warm and lightweight bootie for indoors and for the cooler days of spring and fall and even winter. Perfect for small chilly feet!

The fleece lining makes the MOKI a warm and cozy bootie. A thin layer of insulation, PowderfillTM traps in the heat and promotes a healthy evacuation of moisture. Comfortable in temperatures to -5°C. Dress your child appropriately according to the weather.

The outside of the bootie is made of waterproof nylon. The non-slip sole is flexible and durable.

The MOKI bootie fits easily on baby’s foot thanks to the elastic ankle band and easy access, through the wide opening which is closed by means of Velcro.

The MOKI bootie can be used indoors as a warm bootie. It can also be used in the baby carrier in the stroller or in the car seat for the cooler days of autumn and spring. Combined with the use of a Sherpa envelope for the stroller, baby carrier or car seat, this bootie can also be used in winter. Parents, be vigilant, your child may have a greater sensitivity to cold.

The MOKI bootie is not designed to play in the water like a rain boot, it is made of waterproof fabric, but it is not watertight. To avoid premature wear and tear, we suggest that you limit its use on abrasive surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. Dress your child appropriately according to the weather.

The MOKI bootie is designed to go outside. The fabrics are waterproof and windproof. However, it cannot be considered as watertight as rain boot.

The suggested temperature for our products is indicative. Different criteria vary the comfort zone: physical condition, humidity, food, fatigue, shelter, altitude, etc. Customize your Sherpa product according to the activity you plan to do and dress your baby appropriately depending on weather conditions.

What size to choose? Measure your child's foot lenght and then refer to the size chart above. You can also use our pedimeter (download the PDF) to make a choice for the size of your child's bootie.

Exterior - 100 % nylon
Insulation - 100 % polyester PowderfillTM
Lining - 100 % polyester polar fleece

Sherpa offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products. This warranty covers only manufacturing defects. The manufacturer is the one to decide whether the damage is a manufacturing defect or from wear tear.

The MOKI booties are hand washable in cold water. It is best to dry in the open air. Do not dry clean.

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